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Lucas TechAssist Customer Training & Support Service


Lucas TechAssist is a unique service for the UK automotive aftermarket. Available exclusively to Lucas Electrical customers, TechAssist offers mobile diagnostic support and training services for motor factors. Training and support is delivered onsite from the TechAssist support vehicle by a factory-trained Master Technician with over 30 years of automotive experience, including over 15 years of expertise at the forefront of vehicle diagnostics. All TechAssist training, support and demonstrations are conducted using basic equipment commonly found in garage environments, to ensure that the skills learned can be put into use without the need for expensive investment.


Product Training

Product Training is available to motor factors who are keen to develop staff by improving their knowledge and understanding of the products they offer. TechAssist product training is tailored to suit the individual needs of the factor. It covers the role of specific products, how they function, common signs to help identify faults and useful hints, tips and guidance for replacing the components.


Auto Electrical Training

Auto Electrical Training provides an education into auto electrics and diagnostics. At garage level, TechAssist training can provide vehicle technicians with a good foundation to enable them to achieve a “right-first-time” fix. This will ultimately benefit the factor by reducing product returns due to incorrect diagnosis. Training is tailored to meet the specific needs of the motor factor or the garage.


Diagnostic Support

Diagnostic Support is available for factors to request on behalf of their customers. In many cases, support can be given remotely but when required, the TechAssist support vehicle will attend onsite at the garage. Diagnostic support can be particularly effective for resolving customer disputes and can help to eliminate unnecessary warranty or labour claims.

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