Switchgear and Classic

Premium Quality, Technical Excellence

Lucas Switchgear

The Lucas Switchgear programme offers replacement switches and electrical components for a vast range of passenger, agricultural and commercial vehicles.

With over 100 years of Original Equipment and aftermarket experience in the sector, the Lucas offering is the obvious choice.

A Lucas switch can be fitted with the confidence that it is manufactured to the highest standards, to Original Equipment specification and able to withstand the toughest of operating environments. That is why the Lucas programme is the first choice for off-road vehicle specialists and is used on military vehicles throughout the world.

In the unlikely event of an application required not currently being catered for, Lucas continuously develops the range by applying priceless expertise and knowledge to deliver a bespoke product of the quality level expected from the industry’s most famous brand.

With the support of Lucas’ switchgear experts, otherwise obsolete or scarcely supplied products are made available to the market.

Unbeatable service

With the support that Lucas offer, bulk enquiries are serviced effortlessly. Whether it be scheduling for production line supply or drop shipping, Lucas’ logistical expertise will come to the fore and offer a seamless solution.

From enquiry to delivery, Lucas experts will engage with the customer to ensure goods are delivered on time and within budget.

Switchgear range

The Switchgear range from Lucas covers numerous applications, notably focusing on the classic era. The parts range from integral electrical engine components to mechanical parts including Relays, Flasher Units, Ignition Switches, Column Switches, Solenoids, Battery Isolators, Panel Switches and more.