Premium Quality, Technical Excellence

Trusted Quality

Commitment to quality flows through everything we do. Our automotive bulb range is no exception; all products are designed to deliver original equipment performance combined with outstanding reliability and undergo meticulous testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process and beyond, including:

Light Flux
Light flux, colour temperature and luminous intensity is tested in-house using state-of-the-art Labsphere equipment.

Coloured bulbs are tested for chromaticity to ensure light falls within required colour range. This is an especially important test for amber and red bulbs.

Life Testing
All Lucas bulbs are life tested to ensure longevity and reliability using cutting edge test rigs. Bulbs are cycled on and off and through both filaments for twin filament bulbs to simulate real world usage.

Vibration and Shock
In use, the bulbs will also be subject to vibration and shock and so this is also simulated at the test facility. This is an especially important test for Lucas heavy duty and long-life bulbs.

Geometric Measurement
In order to produce a perfect beam pattern, Lucas bulbs are tested for pin point accuracy of all dimensions and filament positions. Tests are conducted using precision shadowgraph projection equipment.

Testing for ECE Regulation 37 Standards
All Lucas bulbs are “E” Marked where relevant.

“E” marking refers to the ECE Regulation 37 Standards. This specifies acceptable light output, filament geometry, voltage and wattage and the size and shape of the bulbs.

Lucas bulbs are typically “E” marked in the UK (E11) or Netherlands (E4). Both highly regarded for stringent quality standards.