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Lucas Oil Level Sensors


A range of premium quality, sensibly priced oil level sensors boasting 18 oil level sensors covering an impressive 1700 applications, catering for over 3.5 million vehicles on UK roads.

The oil level sensor has become a common component for modern vehicles and plays a critical role in protecting the engine. Without sufficient levels of lubrication, metal engine parts will generate friction and heat with potentially catastrophic effects for the engine. The oil level sensor is usually located in the oil pan, constantly monitoring oil levels, communicating with the ECU and ready to notify the driver should levels fall below the required minimum.


Every Lucas oil level sensor is designed and manufactured to meticulous standards to withstand the intense heat and conditions within the engine. Rigorous testing ensures Original Equipment matching performance and outstanding reliability from every Lucas component.


For complete peace of mind, all Lucas oil level sensors are covered by the renown Lucas Electrical 3 Year ‘No Quibble’ (excluding labour) warranty. Trust Lucas.

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  • 3 year warranty

    All Lucas Engine Management and Ignition Components now benefit from a 3 year no quibble warranty as standard. The same high quality and outstanding value that our customers love, now with 3 years added peace of mind.

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  • data online 24/7

    Application data for Lucas Electrical products can be found via our online catalogue: and is also available from MAM and TecDoc. Lucas data is updated and published daily to MAM via Automate to ensure consistent high quality information is always available.

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    Online Catalogue
  • 100% Testied in the UK

    To deliver the consistent high quality expected from the trusted Lucas brand, all Lucas Air Mass Meters are 100% tested in the UK. Ensure maximum performance and reliability of every component. Look for the 100% tested sticker on every iconic green Air Mass Meter box.

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