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Lucas Cam and Crankshaft Sensors


The Lucas range of Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors includes in excess of 400 premium quality part numbers at great value aftermarket prices. All cam and crank sensors are 100% tested before being sealed and packed into the iconic green Lucas boxes. The range is supported by excellent customer service and technical support and all parts now includes a 3 year warranty as standard.


What are Cam and Crankshaft Sensors?


The Camshaft Sensor monitors the positions of the camshaft to allow for correct ignition timing. The Crankshaft Sensor detects the position of the crankshaft allowing the ECU to calculate its position in relation to the pistons in the engine.


There are two main types of sensor:


Inductive: Uses a magnet to pick up a signal from the engine cranking. Either mounted in the block of the engine, near the fly wheel or close to the crankshaft itself. It picks up notches on a spinning disk, reluctor wheel or the crankshaft. When each notch passes, it causes a change in the magnetic field, sending an alternating current signal to the ECU.


Hall Effect: This type is mounted in the same places as the inductive sensor and responds to the same notches. Though instead of an analogue AC signal it creates a digital signal. Either on or off, as the notches pass the sensor.

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